Capones Reastaurant in Lombard serves authentic Italian food.



Capone's Restaurant and Pizzeria   •  105 W.ST.CHARLES ROAD, LOMBARD, IL   •   CALL 630- 652-1000

stop for drinks at Capones Restaurant in Lombard, IL

Capone's Restaurant and Pizzeria   •  105 W. ST. CHARLES ROAD, LOMBARD, IL   •   Tel. 630- 652-1000


Guys from Graphica are working hard to get our new website up and running.

In the meantime feel free to see our menu and coupons.

Give us a call at 630-652-1000 to make a reservation or to place an order for delivery.


How about just stop by and maybe you'll meet Dominic Capone, Staci (The Princess ), Dawn Capone, Uncle Lou, Jeff ( Sausage ), Carmine ( Meatball ) or Bart.

Watch “The Capones,”
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In the new workplace docuseries, The Capones, the spirit of the infamous gangster Al Capone still lives on in the form of this drama-filled, lasagna-loving dysfunctional family who are living a true mash up of the American dream as they run the family restaurant “Capone’s Restaurant & Pizzeria.”


With a notorious family tree and larger-than-life personalities surrounding him, Dom Capone (“The Boss”) does his best to keep the family business running. No matter what happens, the family always ends the week with the traditional Sunday dinner, where the drama is always spicier than the pepperoni.  SEE MORE

Watch “The Capones,”

Reelz Channel's newest reality show